Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why Two Blogs?

Frankly, as mentioned on some other post, I started bloggin on Blogger only because one of my friends couldn't read my blog on Windows Live Spaces and being a Google hater, going this is no less than sacrilige.

However, also wanted to conduct an experiment about which one was overall, better. And after about a month of using both, I still maintain Windows Live Spaces (WLS) is better. By far

Here's why:

1. Photos are an important part of the blog. And handling of photos in blogger sucks. It's just too painful while in WLS, its supremely smooth. Just brilliant.

2. Posting. This is such a pain in Blogger. WLS has this cool utility called Windows Live Writer, which is like a cross between a super light WYSIWYG website creator and MS Word. Its brilliant. I can type whatever i want offline, thoughts I want to pen here can come to me anytime and I might not ALWAYS have an internet connection. I can drag and drop and position images like a dream. Even format them in various ways, something NONE of the stupid tools for Blogger let me do.

3. Credit to Microsoft that they have infact made Live Writer such that I can even post it to Blogger but stupid blogger doesnt let me post images on it! Apparently for this, you must go and do it from its web interface. How stupid is that?? So, once I post text, I have to open my browser, login to my site, edit the post, put in an image and after all this, i can only put it in one of 4 formats. And god help you if you were to try and put in more than 1 image. That's so cumbersome, I have resorted to posting just one one image for most of my posts.

4. Blogger doesnt have a photo tool so I need to maintain WLS just to put up all my pics.

Coming to Windows Live Spaces, I have only 2 problems with it:

1. It has a big fat banner on top with ads which I hate completely. Blogger has a thin bar and no ads. Thats how it should be.

2. Its so idiotic that WLS does not allow anonymous comments. I mean, how thick is this!! They should give an option to the blog owner to CHOOSE which type of commenting he want sto allow, the way Blogger does.

So yeah, neither of the blogs offers the critical features that I would like to have so I guess unless one of them fixes the problems, I will have to stick to both! Pain!

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