Saturday, April 14, 2007

Google says SWIM the Atlantic!

Our friendly neighbourhood search engine which seems to be blessed with a squeaky clean image (somehow!) seems to continue on its tongue in cheek ways of giving out irrelevant answers to irrelevant questions.

Case in point, type New york to London in google maps and you will be greeted with driving directions for the whole 4000 mile journey!! No seriously!

How do you drive through the Atlantic? Google is smarter than that! It KNOWS when the Atlantic has come and simply says "swim through the Atlantic" and resumes driving directions when you arrive in UK.

Sure, this is tongue in cheek for those who KNOW Google is kidding and its a fitting response to a cheeky "test" question. But, there might be stupid people (they are usually Americans, who only know about the neighborhood they live in) who could be asking this question and might take this advice seriously too!

Click link below to see the directions yourself. Incase Google has fixed this, click the screenshots.

Google Maps: NY to London


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  2. Really? I am yet to meet such stupid people...I would think it is funny :)