Saturday, November 28, 2009

These are sweets!

This is a 'seasonal mithai' which is made only during winters since its made of butter - which melts in summers rather quickly :)

It was too sweet and I couldn't get over the watermelon look - which is one of the few fruits I hate!

I don't know what this is called though. Do you?


At 2am, and with temperatures that felt below freezing, we took shelter under this gas heater.

There were 3/4 of these surrounding the area where the feras were taking place.

We also had our suits on as well as a razai to curl into.

It was all I could do to not fall asleep!

It was fun though!

My bro gets married!

It always amazes me when 2 people tie the knot and decide to spend the rest of their lives together - through sickness and health, sorrow and happiness, triumphs and tribulations.

Even though I have known the bride for about 3 days, I can say that my bro is one heck of a lucky guy. She is super cool - and that is a word I don't generaly compliment ppl with very often.

Btw, this raised platform was an excellent idea so everyone could stand around and have their fill of the 'doolah dulhan'

Have a great life you two!


At fatehpur sikri.

Better pics from my recent agra trip will follow shortly!

Wall fixture

Cool wall fixture at lazeez on malcha marg.

I'd like to put this on my cieling so that it looks like stars twinkling at night!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wedding spread

It's amazing just how many gifts get spread out at weddings.

I've been asked to sit in a room full of wrapped up presents while the ladies do their dance etc. in another part of the house.

Weddings are awesome!

Foggy morning

Slight fog and lots of cold as I begin packing to leave for agra.

Oh and, finally IT gave me my BB back so atleast the camera works :)

Phone slippers

I have never seen a 'cuter' phone accessory than this slipper attachment.

Cinderall phone jokes flood my mind.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Awesome tag line

Reads: "Joins everything except broken hearts! :)"

Genuine Imitation Life

Recently, one of my relatives walked into a room where us 3 brothers were sitting together, each busy on his own laptop or mobile device.

Jokingly, he referred this belafonte song - Genuine Imitation Life and it has been stuck in my mind ever since:

Chameleon changing colors-
while a crocodile cries
People rubbing elbows,
but never touching eyes.
Taking off their masks,
revealing still another guise
Genuine imitation life

People buying happiness and manufactured fun
Everybody doing what everybody's done
People count on people who can only count to one
Genuine imitation life

All the pretty clouds are a lovely shade of black
You find the right direction, someone tears up all the track
People worship crosses, fingers crossed behind their back
Genuine imitation life

Old friends get together but it's solitaire they play
Everybody's rainbow done in different shades of gray
It's a lovely place to visit but I wouldn't want to stay
In a genuine imitation life
Genuine imitation life

I am back!

It's been a while since I've posted here.

One of the main reasons was working around the various corp BB restrictions - my primary mode of blogging is banging my thoughts out on my BB.

Hopefully, I can be more frequent now!