Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Like I said

I big picture postcard

More frioul

This place is like one giant picture postcard.
Its just breathtaking.


This place is so beautiful, I'm amazed we haven't shot any movies here yet!

Off to frioul

What an aptly named boat!

Funny indian restaurant

Yup, this is the same place I got excited about yesterday before realising the damn place was closed!

Word of advice - all indian restaurants (and many other places) are closed here on Monday.

Anyway, so this place is funny because even though I'm being served by a typical south indian lady, she refuses to speak to me in Hindi OR English!!

Then she served me my naan all by itself, like it was a dish! Man!

Food is decent though and I doubt very expensive (yes in my urgency to get indian food I forgot to check menu prices)

I want a boat!

If anyone has not been on a super fast speed boat, do so immediately.

This is just awesome!!!

The wind in your face, clear blue skies and turquoise water. Brilliant!

On the cruise baby!

Monday, September 29, 2008


This plagues almost ALL of europe. I don't know why but teenagers find this cool enough to put this on any and every empty space they can find.


Castle Longchamp

This is a castle? Ru kidding?

Its so tiny!

Indian restaurant!


The ship paintings.

The walls are covered with it.

Look! Ships in a church!

Am I the only one who finds it a BIT weird that there are ships hanging all over this church?

It would make sense though since Marseilles has always been a port city and got rich rather seriously because of the sea and trade.

Ofcourse - it also brought to them the plague epidemic and killed 50k people.

Inside Notre Dame

I don't know why they have so many Notre Dames.
There is one in Paris. One in Cannes
And one here!

Count of Monte Cristo

Remember our hero from the story?
That's the place he was imprisoned in. (Well, in the book anyway)

Visit is tomorrow.

Marseille view from the top

The cathedral of notre dame.

Marseille Port

This was originally a fishing port )and I guess still is because this is the first port where I could get the smell of fish (as made infamous by apna mumbai)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Off To Marseilles

This is not the TGV which is showing because even though it starts from Nice, it is 10 minutes late. I don't know why!

Atleast it has nicely reclining seats

Ice cream capital of the world?

If there was one place in the world that could qualify as the ice cream capital - nice would be it!

The way people display names of the restaurants, Nice seems to have a tradition of displaying the fact that the place has ice cream!

Everywhere you will find "glaces" written which means ice cream in french (I think!)

What you see here is the last course of my first seriously big meal.

It consisted of a huge cheese tomato sandwich, about 5 kilos of fries (they are standard!) And ofcourse, this rather nice ice cream.

Oh and for those wondering, Nice is pronounced "niece" and not "nice"

Nice town

View from the top.

The Nice beach

Its awesome! And true to its name, the famous beach is indeed pretty topless ;)

Nice in the morning

The place to eat

When wandering around in old Nice, make sure you grab a bite or a coffee at Alexander's. Very nice place and extremely friendly and polite staff.

Flower market

The chaos. The smells and the energy.

Very nice way to begin your day!

Church of st Jeanne de arc

Nice Train Station

Sharon Stone

Whoopi Goldberg


As in the mouse?

Ben Kingsly

Mel Gibson?

Bo Derek

Walking the red carpet

Gregory Peck

Chuck Norris

Hand prints of the stars

Cannes film festival


The offical throne of the "red carpet"
This is where the famous film festival takes place.

Around it are hand prints from some famous stars.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

On top of Cannes

Here at the Fort (too lazy to look back and read the name!) You get a pretty awesome view of Cannes city and the boat stuffed harbor.

Despite the insane hustle bustle right below in the city, it is so quiet here I can actually hear myself breathe! (And no, that's not because of the climb!)

I'm staying here a while.

Cannes beach

Waiting for my ride back

To cannes.

Tonight I eat Indian food!

The prison itself

Famous inmates

The man in the iron mask.

I'm now on St. Marguerite island.
What u see in the distance is Cannes.

This island is 15 minutes away by ferry

This is where the man in the iron mask was imprisoned for 11 years.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More tunnel


The monaco F1 tunnel!!

See what all u can do when you don't have MNS to worry about?

Copy cats!

Richest neighborhood in the world and they can't come up with their own way of beating the sea waves?

Straight copy from marine drive!

I wonder though if we'll find some peanut wrappers in the midst of all that rock!

Wow! Fishes!

Huuuuge aquarium. One of several.
Easily the best thing to see in monaco.

And I don't even like fishes but the sheer size of the aquariums will hold you spell bound.

Its like you can see sea life from the comfort of your sofa!

Or - you could say this is Big Boss for the fishes :)

The famous Monaco harbor

Quite possibly worth a billion dollars if you add up all thse boats!

Le Casno

Possibly the most famous monument in monaco!

The bridge of the devil