Monday, September 15, 2008

Surviving A Bomb Scare

90472funny-bomb-shirt-priceless-humor-comedy-pictures[1] An interesting thing happened at work today.

We had a rather panicked security person walk upto me and say, sir, we have some police cars and a bomb squad that has come to our office complex. Do we evacuate?

Hell yes. And we promptly evacuated all our employees (which were strangely few for 11:30 AM on a Monday morning!)

Anyhow, what was more surreal (than actually being part of a bomb scare evacuation) was the fact that when we got to the ground floor - I felt like I was at a tourist location and people were having a picnic!

You know the feeling - backslapping jokes, lots of funny stories being exchanged, snacks and candies being passed around and, in some cases, those who had not met in a while decided being thrown out of their office due to a life threatening explosive was an awesome reason to catch up with people they had not met for a while.

So here's a big fuck you to all those who plant bombs - as you can clearly see, we don't give a damn. Yes, it's really sad that many people do die, and we are angry about it but we are not scared - and as long as that stands, irrespective of how many people you kill, you lose.


  1. So did you find out what was the reason for the scare? Did the bomb squad find anything at all?

  2. Nopes. No bomb nothing :)
    Or... atleast they didnt find any.

    Will have to check up on monday if the office still stands ;)