Friday, October 19, 2012


Cool paintings but even cooler name!

Pushkar ghat

Just before sunset.
Again, trying out the new panorama feature in iOS6

Urdu inscriptions in Brahma temple

Inside the brahma temple in Pushkar, I was pleasantly surprised to find inscriptions in Urdu.

One of the inscriptions infact was just at the entrance door to an ancient shivling enclosure and had the Om temple on top.

I may be prejudiced that only Muslims write in Urdu but I can't think of a reason why a Hindu would have his dedication stone inside the temple in Urdu. I can get Gujarati and Marathi and Tamil even. But why Urdu... Odd.

May we have more such communal harmony in the rest of the country as well.

Well, this is one way to travel.

Hebrew signs in Pushkar

One of the oldest indian cities
One of the holiest cities in India.
400 temples.
1 of the few (if not only) brahma temple in the world
Home to the holy Pushkar lake

And yet..the sheer influx of Israeli tourists has this city putting up Hebrew signs, selling Israeli delicacies(veg of course) - many locals speak the language - it is not uncommon to hear people greet people with 'shalom'.There is even a community centre for the Israelis.

Gotta love capitalism.