Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another room with a view!

So I just jumped from that into the river below!


Doing this tomorrow! If I survive th bungy jump today that is!

NZ is big on Green

They definitely have their priorities straight. The maximum time spent at immigration was to ensure we werent bringing in pests or food that could harm the environment in some way.

Not the usual nonsense about explosives etc. refreshing.

Every establishment and service in new Zealand is rated on of course the quality of service but also the level of ecological friendliness.

Seen here is a Prius which is used as a taxi.

So true!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wine cave

This is where the wines are stored in the winery.

Apparently this is the only cave in new Zealand.

400+ barrels. Each barrel is about 300+ bottles of wine.

The southern most winery in the world

Gibbston Vineyard

Wine was OK OK. The tour was good though


I could get used this view every morning :)