Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ice cream capital of the world?

If there was one place in the world that could qualify as the ice cream capital - nice would be it!

The way people display names of the restaurants, Nice seems to have a tradition of displaying the fact that the place has ice cream!

Everywhere you will find "glaces" written which means ice cream in french (I think!)

What you see here is the last course of my first seriously big meal.

It consisted of a huge cheese tomato sandwich, about 5 kilos of fries (they are standard!) And ofcourse, this rather nice ice cream.

Oh and for those wondering, Nice is pronounced "niece" and not "nice"


  1. this looks absolutely delicious!!!!
    oh sooo tempting!!

  2. Yeah it really was! although the stupid crocodile statue made it very difficult to eat!