Monday, April 9, 2007

Femina Miss India. What the fuck?

Ok first of all, NEWSFLASH. Femina Miss India is a BEAUTY PAGEANT.

This little detail gets missed by the judges everytime they sit in olympian judgement over scantily clad teenagers looking out for World peace.

I don't want women who can speak 6 languages. I dont care for those who can juggle 10 balls at once or sing like Madonna. For the love of GOD, this is Miss India not Ripley's.

If you want a role model for your kid, would you it rather be a giggly adolescent who starves herself eating JUST an Apple a day
or would you rather choose Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Kiran Bedi or Mother Teresa?

The one and ONLY job of a model is to bloody look pretty. Its a no brainer. You are either pretty or you are not. Is there any confusion about Giselle Bundchen being hot ? NO

Can any one mistake Renee Zellweger for being pretty? NO

How hard was that??

But year after year, pageant after pageant, FMI keeps getting it devastatingly wrong. And I am fed up.

I mean just look at them. Not ONE stands a chance on the global platform.Our contestants are a joke.

This is because the stage where these judges sit is too far. The parameters are too wrong and the contestant filter has holes the size of Jupiter.

We'd better fix this or the world will start believing we have run out of pretty eye candy. Which simply isn't true. Step inside our colleges or the neighborhood pub and your eyes will meet with some zipper defying beauty. THAT is what should be brought on stage, not this riff raff.


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    oh my God!Read this people and wake up and smell the coffee....The ppl associated with this contest should stop taking us for a ride!

  2. very strong words!

    1. yeah i know :) i was just really upset then. and i am still. its a mis-representation of the insane beauty that is in india :)