Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is one CRAZY marriage.

I surf a lot. A hell of a lot for my own good mostly and I thought I had seen pretty much everything. In one of those rare occassions, I was wrong.

I came across this super weird website (I think I got the link from about a couple in an open marriage. If you dont know what that means, it basically means, that the two are married and open to sleeping with others apart from each other. Also, this is not because they are having a tiff or, as Ross said to Rachel "we were on a break!" No sir. This is somehow actually supposed to "grow" the love between them and strengthen the marriage.

How? Search me! I haven't the foggiest idea.

So what is the site about? Well, it documents their life and their "experiment" with an open marriage. Basically, they write posts about how they slept with everyone else but each other.

Despite all this boldness, they are still normal people (or as normal as normal people ever are) and do the usual things like going to the super market and the office etc. so the faces are pretty much blurred out. Suits me fine.

If you are intrigued, head over to to read more. Click on the link on top of their home page titled "Katie's new boobs" to see Katie getting herself off. Sick.

And yes, you can call me old fashioned, a puritan or whatever, but whichever way I look at it, if this site is for real (as in not a disguised porn attempt) it creeps me out.

Update: I have been told by Eric (via email) that an open marriage isn't about just going out and seeing how many people we can sleep with and they haven't, so far, slept with anyone other than each other.

Well, I have no reason not to believe him (and it isnt any of my business either), but this "open" marriage concept still creeps me out.

Eric and Katie, it was not the intention to be offensive. Just that this blog concept creeps me out. I am not prejudiced against the concept of open marriage, I simply don't understand the point of putting it online with pictures. But if this works for you, more power to you!


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  2. :) you wrote to Eric or Eric just found you? I mean, is this world such a small place? I am wondering...

    1. nope, he reached out to me. the world is a shockingly small place - i can attest to this :)