Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Eiffel Tower

It isn't the tallest building in the world anymore, that would be Taipei 101. It certainly isn't the one with any offices in it (save for the 4 ticket counters) but if you want to really be awed and WOWed, The Eiffel Tower has no equal.

Stepping out of Trocadero station and it is almost immediately to your left. Standing tall and majestic. With a healthy tan which is surprising since they have never ending winters and summer is more like Sachin's innings. Blink and you miss it.

Its huge. And not in an "imagine making it in those times" kind of way.

Step up the small ladder and emerge onto the open air part of level 3 and the view wil blow you away. It makes up for the hours you'll wait in the long queues and the ear popping you'll endure as the express elevators do their best to zip to the top.

If you think about it, the view is no different from a city view atop its tallest building but for some inexplicable reason, when you reach the top of Eiffel you will ignore the howling frigid cold air and think of the one person in your life most important to you. It doesn't matter if she is your girlfriend, your ex or whether you've just had a fight or have recently been engaged. You will punch her number and call.

I have been there thrice and others who have been there alone concur, you will miss her and you will make that call.

I recently read somewhere that they are redoing the seven wonders.
If for nothing other than the sheer evocative presence, The Eiffel Tower must be on it.

If you are ever in Paris, make sure you land up here. Miss the Louvre if you have to. Its quite rubbish anyway.

Oh and, if you are wondering about this lovely picture, yes, it was taken by me.


  1. Agree with everything you said here. I didn't go up but yes, I do think of people I love every single time I am in a magical place.

    1. what! you didnt go up! why not ? :) that is the best bit :D Just reading this post again is making me wanna go back and climb up just one more time.