Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to do when you have the Flu?

By now you know I have been struggling rather furiously with the Flu.
Sitting inside my quilt with the fan switched off - I'm the butt of jokes of such originality as "Look at him! he is the Kung FLU Panda"

yes - it helps THEM that my cold ensures my equally witty reply of "get the *&^% out of my room" comes out like "get the cough cough cough cough cough cough - breathe " x3

As with most of my problems - I turned to the internet to see what were some of the solutions the world offered for Flu

And interestingly enough with all the technology at our disposal, we still really have no clear idea of what the hell to do with the Flu.

1. We are still suggesting chicken broth or chicken soup as the number one cure.

2. Most suggest - stay this way for a week - it will cure itself. (These people have most likely NEVER had the flu - which could mean that they are aliens. HA!)

3. Others have suggested (including my friend from the Czech republic) to drink 1 bottle of Czech Brandy.
I guess the concept of the remedy is to get the Flu virus so inebriated that it forgets what it's supposed to do and steps out of your body to clear its head(s?)
Ofcourse it could also be that 1 bottle will keep you drunk for a week - enough time for the Flu to pass.
Basically the same as #2 but atleast you are more comfortable because you are passed out!

4. Some say that you should NEVER try to cure the fever as that stops further formation of the virus and gets the body to make more antibodies.

Finally though, After much research I came across this product called the Sambucol.

It is a unique extract from Black Elderberry. And the way it works on the virus is not by killing it - but by ensuring it doesn't replicate.

A virus cannot reproduce on it's own and needs a healthy cell to do so.
To break open the healthy cell, it has these spikes. What Sambucol does is it blunts the spikes, so a virus cannot pair with a healthy cell and basically sits around doing nothing.

Apparently, it has a 93% success rate of curing the diseased in about 2 days. That sounds so good to me right now I could cry.

Caution - If you happen to be in Europe and find these shrubs, dont just pluck and eat them. They are apparently poisonous and need to be treated before being edible.

Well, I still don't have a cure in my hand but atleast now I feel better that science is atleast working on it seriously - rather than just looking for extra terrestrial life and sending probes to Mars.

After all, if an Alien Ambassador came over and caught the Flu and instead of a quick fix we told him, oh to cure this, you just gotta wait a while, it might make us look galactically stupid.


  1. I have a few remedies too: extremely effective.

    1. Hot milk with turmeric
    2. Chew ginger, u can add a little bit of salt (it tastes nice) ;)

  2. 1. any one who recommends this has probably never had it themselves :)

    2. ginger will help with cough - what about the fever ? cough only irritates those around me - who i care not enough about during Flu time :)

    thanks for the tips though. I will keep them in mind if god forbid I catch flu again.

  3. Kung FLU Panda!!! Ingenious :) :)