Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Firefox Issue - Solved

I filed a bug yesterday with deviant art about my post below and their super helpful team got back to me today morning.

The issue was quite simply that browser's get messed up with embedded color profiles.

Idea is to NOT embed it.

And sincei  just moved to CS4, I didnt realise that the profiles were embedded by default, and I need to uncheck everytime I don't want it.


Oh well, atleast it now WORKS! :)


  1. oh good...i shall save that for future reference :D

    btw were you using "save for web" or the regular save? i use save for web as it ensures max compatibility with browsers (i've used photoshop 4 to CS2, nothing beyond - so dunno if it's changed now)

  2. save for web usually means it will save in the websafe colors which are much less than those that usually make up an image.

    This is ok for blogs but not something u want to put on deviantart.