Sunday, November 9, 2008

STRANGE Firefox Issue

When I edit some of my photos in photoshop and upload them to my deviantart gallery, firefox seems to be having a serious issue rendering the images properly...

Look at the screen shots of the SAME webpage in both Firefox 3.03 and Safari.
See how the colors in firefox are completely faded but are fine in Safari?

I've tried everything - from embedding RGB profiles into the photo to increasing saturation for it to look better on FF (which is a terrible idea in general
 btw and was more for the sake of science) but nothing seems to work.

And this is not the only image - it happens on other photo too! But there is no pattern.
It doesnt happen on ALL the photos. And on those that it does, they arent really from the same batch or anything so I am really at a loss to know why this is so.

See for yourself - original page here and my screenshots are below


  1. try saving as "baseline (standard)" instead of "baseline (optimized)". also, png might be better :)

  2. no but i thought the whole point of an image was to display AS IS.

    Why would baseline optimized be different across 2 browsers? and to clarify, it is saved as baseline standard.

    if you goto my deviantart gallery and click on the photo titled autumn colors - this effect is visible on that too.

  3. and, i dont want to save as png. I expect firefox to be able to render images truthfully. if it can't its a major deal breaker for me.

    So much for being "better" than freaking IE. Or even safari for that matter.

  4. also - what do u think of the pic? :)

  5. Let me answer the questions which I can,

    Its a nice pic!