Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to become a supermodel.

No, this is not one of those things you read about in fashion mags or watch TV shows (most notably, the most hopeless - America's next top model)

You don't need diets or yoga or pilates. You just need your neighborhood geek who is a pro photoshopper (one way to tell if he is an expert is if you let him take pictures of you and they end up on the internet stuck on a body you do not have - but want to)

Everything is fixable - your dark circles, face marks, love handles (btw, why are they named this?) and ofcourse the rest of your body can be increased or decreased to a "size" and "shape" you prefer.
And here's the kicker - it takes about 10 minutes to do it.

For the skeptics amongst you - watch the video below and apologize for ever doubting me :)

Oh and btw - if you are a guy, never ever learn photoshop. Run far far away from the merest mention of the term because if you do end up learning it, for the rest of your life, you will never be able to look at hot women pictures the same way.

Here is what you will be thinking when you look at them -
hot figure - liquify filter
smooth skin - surface blur, airbrush
sparkling eyes - dodge, contrast and more


  1. I liked your statutory warning and the comparisons :)
    Am sure you have seen this video, this is one of the most publicised bit of Photoshop work. Won a Grand Prix at Cannes last year

  2. yup I saw that :)

    thats the beauty of it - you dont need dove and the team of experts - just need the pimply geek next door :)