Saturday, July 28, 2007

The most idiotic interpretation of a Harry Potter Book

Wow. This lady is seriously messed up in her head. While I am all for religious and cultural diversity including different opinions and point of views, NEVER have I seen or read anything this out of touch with reality.

Basically, Harry Potter is bad and Lord Voldemort is Good. He is apparently "Jesus".

Jesus DIED to save the rest of the world not cleanse the world of non Christians (Mudblood and pureblood)!


"Ginny, like our own children, is captured by Potter's serpent-like green gaze, and maybe his tongue; Mrs. Rowling gives away in the first book that the boy can talk to snakes, and considering what we already know about Potter, we should not put seducing an innocent girl into original sin past him. Like our own children, it is a lure she cannot resist, and one the Virgin Mary never had to face."

"In a particularly distasteful and lewd display, Potter tries to tempt the rightfully furious Angel by raising his pant leg and showing him his nude ankle. In this way the Harry Potter books contribute to the hidden gay agenda."


Frankly, this lady needs help.

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  1. harry potter sucks!!! down with satan!!!

    note that bombing iraq is NOT evil. neither is funding terrorism in pakistan.

    ahhh...intelligent americans!!!