Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Al Qaeda Threatens India. OOOH WE ARE SCAREDDDD

The recent Indo-US nuclear deal has not gone down with our friendly neighborhood Al Qaeda and has resulted in them threatening us with "attacks"

I don't know who the Chief of Propaganda at Al Qaeda is but he/she(?) clearly has misunderstood how things work in India so let me spell it out for him/her.

We don't care for your threats. Frankly, we don't even pay attention to it. Why? Because we have been battling terrorists and people have been dying because of that for far too long for us to be too worried about you. You are just another name on the long list we have.

When you say this attack will be bigger than 9/11, we are less than impressed. In terms of casualties 9/11 wasn't that big really. Total number of casualties including pilots and plane passengers was under 3,000.

In the past 10 years, in J&K alone, 40,000 people have lost their lives. That's an average of 4,000 per year in one state alone.

Then there is Punjab, the North east, the south and ofcourse, the preferred destinations - Mumbai and Delhi.

A very rough guesstimate would put official annual terror related fatalities at around 7,000-10,000.

So please don't go around telling us how you will kill thousands of people and expect us to shiver. We know what that tragedy is like. We have been fighting it for over a decade already.

And here's the funny bit. Al Qaeda's tape threatening India made less news (in India) than another recent tape threatening the US.

Bring it on.

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