Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ah... The torment

Priyanka endorses Nokia. I don't know why they dont have more ads of her.
Apart from this, I do believe that Nokia has BRILLIANT advertising.

Check this post for more.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    i personally dont think nokia has good ads. they just have star power. people have seen srk and priyanka on big screen, what difference will they make with nokia in their hands on small screen. ads are not for entertainment but to communicate with people. if you really want to see smart ads which can communicate or reach people or make them think then look for ads like
    " is calling" or "honda.....the power of dreams"

  2. u are talking only about their India ads.

    Check out the "music gets you talking" ad elsewhere on this blog.

    also, how about summing up their entire business strategy, focus, direction, past, present, future in just 2 words - "connecting people"

    Life is calling is smirnoff, not bacardi and if I know my booze brands, they are competitors.

    If you think their tag line came from their competitor's it automatically means their ad is not just shitty, but counter productive.