Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off to Spain

Finally on the flight!

After spending some seriously nerve racking time when -

First my train - the famous TGV was 15 minutes and I was already cutting it close for a 2:30 flight. (Arrived at 1!!)

Second when I reached the airport above (the TGV trainstation is inside CDG airport) all passengers had been blocked from going inside because of a suspected luggage (aka bomb scare)

Finally after 20 minutes they gave the all clear and we were through BUT the damn escalators and elevators weren't working so there was a mad jam to go up.

Unlike india, they don't have "normal" stairs (apart from the fire escape) so everyone was trying to haul their luggage through the narrow and stopped escalators.

Try hauling 35 kilos of luggae for 2 storeys and you'll know the definition of pain.

FINALLY after all that I am now in the flight.

No more dramas please. Let's just get there!

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