Wednesday, October 1, 2008



  1. I need to get a cam or a phone with a flight mode... or yes, simply visit your blog :)

  2. you are welcome to - anytime :)

    BTW, you can always switch on your phone and take a picture and switch it off - no one really cares once the plane has taken off.

    Its a bit of a pain but a better short term solution till you get a new phone :)

    BTW your "coloured postcards" is an interesting collection.

    I cannot access white diary though. Why is it invitation only?

  3. If one enters my name in google, my blog shows. There is way too much of personal info in there to let anyone have access to it. Right now, my blog can be read by only one person- Me :P

    I am trying to get it off google, in case i fail, i shall send invites.

    Coloured Postcards is not turning out the way i thought it would...
    I am glad you liked it though.

  4. i guess then the more important question is - what is your name? :)