Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Grande Arche

The most famous monument in the district. More commonly known as Arche de la defense.

Apparently this was built by launching a design competition at some French president's whim.

A danish guy won it and so now u know why it looks more like a hollowed pastry than a "monument'

It isn't even that tall! Ust a 110 metres. Propogandists say it looks like a 4 dimensional hypercube projected in a 3dimensional world.
That's absurdity of cosmic proportions!

To its credit though, despite being almost 20 yrs old, it doesn't look its age. At all!

The two vertical sides have offices and the rooftop has an exhibition centre.

Looks right at home in La defense and u could argue its the modern version of arch de triomphe but then, la defense is so out of synch with rest of paris that this along with the whole region is a monstrosity.

10 on 10 for urban planning but minus several million for architectural beauty.

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