Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dinner at Jaisalmer

The restaurant was nice, had very good food but absolutely appalling service - a trend we noticed even at the Jaisalgarh hotel.

We went w/o reservations (it isn't exactly a 5 star restaurant and even there I seldom go with reservations and have always been accomodated :) )

The manager told us that there was no way they could join 2 tables so the 9 of us could sit together - an attitude we didn't really care for. So we went and asked the travel agent on the ground floor if there were some other restaurants around since this one refused to join tables.

Turns out, he owned the restaurant and was shocked (rightfully) at the refusal. He shouted at someon and suddenly a table for 9 appeared.

I think this bad service is the result of catering to a largely french audience - they generally have lousy service too!

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