Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here we are!

At our hotel - Mowgli's Den.

VERY nice cottages for about 3400 bucks a night including all 4 meals (yeah, I eat 4 times a day!)

The rooms a squeaky clean and have a nice BIG bathroom too!

The best part though is that airtel has a cell tower around 200 mts from here so I have FULL network and hence data connection in the cottage! Yippee!

Oh and no vodafone signal - take that!


  1. Dude, good to hear you are enjoying every moment.. hope you spotted some tigers in safari.. i was there last year and luckily got to see a tigress enjoying her meal.. keep posting..

  2. ur email address?

  3. @Wd m.ibbrahim@gmail.com. Send me an invitation.

  4. Ibu - thanks man! unfortunately, while we hunted vigorously, we couldn't spot the damn tiger!

    Once we saw a glimpse of it walking into the jungle and another time, we missed it by 20 metres!

    Saw leopard though and also saw every single one of the 20,000 deers that are in this forest :)

    Pictures coming as soon as I can develop them from RAW.

  5. wow...niiice!!! where's this place? too bad about the tigers tho :P

  6. this place is pench, near the MP MH border.

    Its the 2nd biggest tiger reserve forest in india
    the first being Kanha, not very far from here again.

  7. Oh.. it would have been a gr8 experience having an elephant ride to watch a tiger inside bushes.. u were lucky to see leopard.. my guide told its a rare sight to see.. haha.. deers, monkeys and peacocks.. they are plenty of them ovr thr.. waiting to see some more photographs.. :)