Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A day out in Munich

This is The "NEW" Town Hall or the Neus Ratahaus, at Marienplatz, Munich
Platz is basically like - plaza or square and munich has tons of them.
Marienplatz,odeonplatz, karlsplatz.. you get the idea.

Anyway, it is called the NEW town hall because they built it from 1867-1909 and it houses the government houses.
The Altes Ratahaus or old town halls was built in 1474 and rebuilt after it was mostly destroyed in the 2nd world war (the last of many times)

it was finally rebuilt completely and now is a museum with toys etc.

Every day at 12 noon, they have the "glockenspiel" or "the play of bells" basically, lots of bells ring in a nice little tune. There are moving statues in the tower (look towards the top) which depict 2 key historical incidents. One the marriage of one of the dukes and the other shows a famous dance of munich called the schafflertanz which was performed during the great plague epidemic in early 16th century (1515 if i remember right)

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