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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rules of a ship.

The most hightech audio guide!

At the maritime museum, they hand out these super cool pdas as audio guides.

The port must be very very rich :)

The columbus monument

Dedicated to the famous traveller.

You must recall your history that the king an queen of spain (ferdinand and isabella I think) sponsored columbus's trip to search for india when he accidentally discovered America.

Also, of note, is that the statue was supposed to point to the new world but actually points in the wrong direction :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


The spanish are pretty big on lottery.

Many buy tickets on a regular basis and that includes people who r already rich :)


The spanish are pretty big on lottery.

Many buy tickets on a regular basis and that includes people who r already rich :)

Arch de triomphe

Barcelona's sad excuse of the really cool french monument.

Its just a waste of time.

You cannot even go on top!


After major meandering inside casa mila - a house designed by gaudi for the Mila family (its awesome and a must visit!) I'm so hungry I could eat spain's entire annual produce. Especially considering my breakfast consisted of 1 cup of coffe and about 5 pieces of "chips"

Got some helpful local advice on where to eat (walk around ull find something) I finally found this place called Tapa Tapa.

Menu in six languages. Courteous staff and even though I'm drinking coke, I get to sit on the bar side! Yeaa!

Excellent place.


Replicas of gaudi's nature inspired chairs. Comfortable as hell.

Really! It feels like there is no wood at all and is made of a soft comfortable material but its not. Its all wood.


The moon at noon?

Have u ever seen the moon at noon?

Can you spot it in this picture amongst the clouds?

Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

View from Park Guell

One of the higher points in barca. Awesome view

Sorry about the crappy BB camera

How much tissue can someone use?

Apparently a LOT!

These are the tissues used by my friend for just drinking coffee.

No wonder we are running out of trees!

The most ill designed cup

At Cafe Zurich, major barca landmark.

The cup is so terribly ill designed that the cup handle (for lack of a better word) is too tiny for even my pinky to fit in.

Which means u gotta wait for your coffee to get reasonably cold before u can drink it.

You just can't hold it from the handle!

The Magic Fountain

On the base of Montjuic, this is a musical fountain which moves to the tune of music (obviously) - most of which is english actually and not spanish.

It operates only on the weekends - Friday to Sunday. 

If you are in Barcelona, this is a definite place to go. I shot a video too. Will upload once its up on YouTube.

BTW, this black and white effect is a complete fluke. My BB camera got royally confused because the fountain had varied lighting and changing colors so I suppose it gave up trying to figure it out and spat out b/w instead. But I really like it this way. Don't you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dev D. D for…

still1_300_15jan2009 Have you ever been in a joke narration where there has been tons of build-up and you eagerly await the punch line so you can laugh your ass off and say "hell yeah!"

But the punch line never comes?

That's almost exactly what Dev D. is like.
Except that there is no build up and the joke stretches for around 3 hours by the end of which you are so irritated that you feel like hitting the people sitting in the audience, beginning with yourself.

So incase you don't know, the movie is a modern interpretation of Devdas (hence Dev D.) and attempts to showcase the movie by tying it in with the issues in our "modern day" world of pre marital sex, drug abuse, MMS scandal and a rich kid running over people with his BMW.

Firstly, before my eyes see red again and I lose all control of my temper at the sheer absurdness, pointlessness and stupidity of the film, I must say Abhay Deol acts brilliantly and portrays his role rather well - something I have come to expect after such movies as Oye lucky, Ek chaalis ki last local and socha na tha.

The movie begins with a young dev being a pain in the ass and his father shouting at him.

Dev calls his mom and dad by their first names - a funny but idiotic attempt at portraying him as unconventional and rebellious. Still, it is cutely bearable in way – I think mostly because of the actor.

He gets shipped to London where he grows up chatting with his childhood sweet heart via the web and of course love/lust blossoms.

Dev is shown (to begin with) a guy who is rebellious and doesn't indulge in the molly coddling of stuff that people (usually older) don't want discussed openly.
He wants to fuck, instead of "indulging in the physical act of making love"
He is direct, to the extent of being rude about what he wants, when he wants and how he wants it.
From casually asking his girl "do you touch yourself?" To asking her to send naked pictures of her, and uttering lines like "main aa raha hoon" instead of its obvious english version, Dev D. then, stands for Dev Dude.

And just for a moment, you start thinking that maybe the fresh take is that the movie shows Dev as the guy who takes no prisoners, is direct and blatant and doesn't give a shit about what the world in general or people within ear shot in particular think or perceive.

Cut to his India visit where he meets his childhood sweet heart and the next 20 mintues in the movie are spent showcasing their inability to find some private space to "do it"

Yeah, TWENTY minutes.

Finally that chapter closes when due to a misunderstanding, they have a fight and Paaro marries some other rich guy because Dev D in his Dude style asks her to go to hell.

Had the movie from here taken on a role where Dev moves on and continues his sex cigarettes and whiskey lifestyle, it would’ve probably been a fun and realistic take in today's world. But no.

From here the movie tries to mimic the older dev das with dev missing paaro and taking to heavy drinking and hooker induced sleep.
Paaro meanwhile moves on forgets dev and lives a happy life.

Dev finds a particular hooker Chanda who is a firang girl depicting the DPS MMS scandal victim. He takes a liking to her and a small friendship blossoms but he still loves Paaro.

He pays the pimp to let Chanda go.
Meanwhile, he runs over 7 people in his BMW.

His father dies (he was ill anyway) and Dev literally becomes a beggar for about 2 mins in the film.

Suddenly, a car rams into a wall missing him by several feet but this becomes the life altering moment. He seeks out Chanda and they try to start a life together which is shown by her giving him a sponge bath and later taking him to the police station for his daily hajiri- (he is out on bail in the BMW case)

The pointlessness of the movie is beyond words.

Infact the movie should’ve been called Paaro because her character is the one that is different, she is no longer in love with Dev, marries an equally rich man and lives happily.

So what's so new about the movie? Nothing, unless you count the several ingenious ways they have invented to completely screw up what could’ve been a great movie.

What perplexes me even more is how is it that the other movie reviews I've read have been very positive - did they show a different movie at the premier? I don't know.

If I could have it my way, I would gather up all the people who made this film, their families, distant relatives, offsprings, suspected offsprings and anyone having even a single gene common with any of them.

I would then shoot each of them several times so that never again can they mess up the human gene pool and subject us to such criminally terrible movies.

Dev D. D for… Disaster.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nerdy as hell


Just very very ashamed that I actually got this joke and LOL’d my ass off.

For you..

Since I am studying all this math and I think I’m so awesome at set theory, here is a message for my high school sweet heart :)


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